Things that appear to be true


I appear to be on Instagram these days. It’s a fairly recent development. A good one. I enjoy the dialogue of creatives. It also lends itself well to studio shots and the daily grind of painting. I’d love to connect with you there 🙂

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**Painting is “Hide And Seek In Keyhole Valley” part of the Land of Wonder series to be exhibited Feb 4 – Apr 2, 2016 at the Duluth Art Institute



Two companion pieces. . . Bird Clouds and Deep Sea Diver:


And “Making Space” is off to her new owner post haste:


A peek in the studio

“Lap Land” on the easel, in-progress and oh so big! She began in fits and starts with a sprinkle of panic, but she seems to be taking shape. The photo bomb in the background is my daughter, who never ceases to surprise, challenge and keep me busy! Her twin brother is a whole other story I’ll save for another day. Believe it or not it is only 4pm in this photo and totally dark, ah winter. . . .the time of year when I don’t feel one bit guilty about cozying up in the studio.IMG_0668

sort of and other follies

I had my first ever radio interview the other day by the gracious Maija Jensen on KUMD’s Radio Gallery. I am so thankful she is a master editor, because I’m pretty sure we talked for much more than the 4 minutes that she gleaned! And I use the phrase “sort of” fairly often. .  .I apparently, prefer it to “ummmm” So I guess that’s something 😐

It’s all a great big learning experience that I do not always have the answers to (very much unlike the smug boy below ), but if I did have it all figured out, what fun would that be.  . . it wouldn’t be fun at all, it would be annoying. . .  to everyone including myself!

Enjoy a listen here


**Painting “He Has All The Answers”

Don’t string me along

Today’s adventure involved a commission to paint on a one-of-a-kind stainless steel, handmade guitar for a musician-friend of ours, Charlie Parr(read more about the Barefoot Prophet here). Charlie wanted a big, lazy brown bear on the back of his guitar. We all know how much I love to paint bears, so of course, I was up for the challenge! It was a lot of fun!

Charlie will be playing with a bunch of other amazing talent(Don Ness, Emily Larson, Dave Hundrieser, Tin Can Gin, The Teague Alexy Trio and a fantastic Tap Dancer named Naomi Christensen)at an event my husband is organizing called Cornucopia (facebook event link)next Tuesday night. If you are around the Duluth, MN area, you most definitely should come!

Here are the before and afters:

Rock on, Brown Bear!

More information on Charlie Parr

Awwww, Thanks!


Ed Newman(Ennyman’s Territory Art Blog) reviewed my recent exhibit and gosh, golly, gee. . .he said it very well! Ed is a stalwart of the local art scene, giving us the lowdown on all the art happenings in the Duluth/Superior area. It was so fun to finally meet the man behind the legend, and he was very patient with my awkward explanations 🙂 Talking about my work is a place of learning for me. As an artist you make and think and toil away behind the curtain. . but when it comes to the great reveal and then verbalizing all the motivation/thoughts/meaning/why behind it all, well, that’s a whole other set of skills I have yet to master. I will take that challenge, however, because it is a large part of the process of making work and stepping outside of my own head. If I can just get over the deer-in-the-headlights response that would be a huge step in the right direction!

Check out Ed’s article here!

**Painting is “Lift Off” part of the Mischief and Other Tales exhibit at UWS’s Kruk gallery