Awwww, Thanks!


Ed Newman(Ennyman’s Territory Art Blog) reviewed my recent exhibit and gosh, golly, gee. . .he said it very well! Ed is a stalwart of the local art scene, giving us the lowdown on all the art happenings in the Duluth/Superior area. It was so fun to finally meet the man behind the legend, and he was very patient with my awkward explanations 🙂 Talking about my work is a place of learning for me. As an artist you make and think and toil away behind the curtain. . but when it comes to the great reveal and then verbalizing all the motivation/thoughts/meaning/why behind it all, well, that’s a whole other set of skills I have yet to master. I will take that challenge, however, because it is a large part of the process of making work and stepping outside of my own head. If I can just get over the deer-in-the-headlights response that would be a huge step in the right direction!

Check out Ed’s article here!

**Painting is “Lift Off” part of the Mischief and Other Tales exhibit at UWS’s Kruk gallery


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