“What’cha doing in there, Mom?””

IMG_0531Because my studio is off our living room, this is a question I hear a lot.  I also hear a lot of: I don’t like that or I think you should change this. My children’s feedback is helpful. . . sometimes. I love that they are interested in what I do all day. I’m glad they get to see the whole of it, the struggles and victories, the ups and downs of following your passion. It’s not just the mountaintop of inspiration all day long. There is some sweating and reprioritizing and vulnerability that follow. It is a long steady climb of consistency and persistence, staying teachable, humble and full of grace for yourself. It’s trying, falling, getting back up, not pulling yourself up by your bootstraps but sinking yourself into a strength not of your own. It’s facing your fears and running the race before you as best as you are able. It’s finding such joy and satisfaction not in yourself, but in doing what you were meant to do.

**Painting is “It Happened One Day In A Forest Far Away”

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