Farewell, My Friend!

Last night I sold this painting(White Stag):


He’s been hanging around my dining room for the last year. We’ve gotten to know each other. He’s witnessed both the chaos and joy in our home, seen me through the trials and triumphs of a year and calmly surveyed the day to day.

I love this part, where the making makes sense because he was never meant to live in our home forever. He will go on to another home where his presence will be appreciated. I’m so thankful for this process. The preparing, the making, the housing, the rehousing. It is immensely and indescribably rewarding. It is harder than I ever imagined and yet exactly what I am meant to do.

I am coming up on a fairly busy season of painting as I prepare for a couple solo shows (stay tuned!). . . but I love it and know the challenges are the bread and butter of learning/growing/maturing. So I will take it in stride, give myself room to laugh, and take a deep breath as I pour myself into my work. I couldn’t imagine doing any of this without the full backing of my family. They are amazingly supportive and a deep well of inspiration.

I am so grateful.


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