Yip, Yip!

I’m so pleased to be one of 500 artists represented by UGallery! (Only 10% of those who apply are accepted, kinda cool!) They have a lovely reputation and come highly recommended. UGallery always offers free shipping and a one-week in home trial period, to make sure you are satisfied.  **see note below about changes with my other online shops

You can find “Celestial” and other new work in my UGallery store 🙂


**On a side note: Navigating the waters of online galleries has been a work in progress for me. I’ve spread myself all over trying to find the best fit for both me and my work. In an effort to simplify my life I will be offering my work online only at UGallery and Artfinder. Both places have works that fall into different categories for me, so be sure to check them both out. Unfortunately, I can no longer maintain my Society6, Etsy and Saatchi sites. While I know this will be a bummer, especially for those who’ve enjoyed purchasing prints(and things) of my work from Society6, I am relieved to spend more time painting and less time managing various platforms. If you wish to purchase artwork directly from me or have any questions at all, feel free to contact me here, I’d love to hear from you! Cheers!


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