perseverance is a verb


The work of creating is more than just the act. All the preparation. . . the shutting out of the world. . . the opening up of oneself. . .  the protecting of oneself. . . the gathering, oh I love the gathering. . . the things that make you tick tock toward the finished piece. . . I love all these moving parts. Such hard work and so satisfyingly adventurous.

There seems to be an endless learning curve where impatience builds, but as I work through this, accepting instead of fighting it. . . I’m finding joy in putting myself out there as an unfinished product. I simply will never be fully formed, because I am a work in progress.  . .always. This is ok. This is wonderfully freeing knowledge.

So I will press forward, casting my net wide, painting with courage and standing firm in my identity.IMG_4145

**Photos of my new studio thanks to my kind husband(and many generous friends) who gave so much of himself to make it a reality 🙂


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