through the ocean of doubt


Pull the curtain back on any one painting and you are sure to witness the sea of doubt pounding against the shores of my creativity.  Doubt and fear that were sometimes cautiously, sometimes brazenly waded, swam and forged through.  

So many thoughts tumble about my mind throughout the course of a painting that I find it necessary to subdue them with sound. Be it music, a book on tape, a fine british crime drama or science radio. . . all fit the bill of overcoming the odds stacking against my will when I pick up the brush.  

Occasionally, however, I welcome the doubt, for it pushes arrogance aside, and realigns my nature to remain forever a student, to learn from each piece, not simply be satisfied with the comfortable. 

It seems rather vital to move through the fear rather than wish it away. Like any difficult trial in life, without it we would be spineless, with it we are more than conquerors.

**Painting Target, by me. Prints available here



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