silver linings, etc.

Gilmore - See Through Some weeks are just hard. This was one of them. My husband lost his job very suddenly to downsizing on Tuesday which threw our family into a tailspin. The most confusing part of it all is the up and down, back and forth of it all:

We were greatly relieved. . .he really had been languishing for quite a while.
We were terrified. . .we have a young family to support.
We were optimistic. . . time for reinventing ourselves, redefining our family purpose, etc.
We were discouraged/aimless. . . it’s totally overwhelming not knowing where to even start.
We were fortified. . . confident and sure this was exactly what my husband needed to pursue his passions(writing).

The truth is, we simply cannot count on security in the things of this world. The only thing I know to be true and trustworthy is my Lord. The anchor of my soul who walks with us through this challenging time, who leads our steps and can care for our family better than any high paying job.

So each day we consciously turn our thoughts and hearts to gratefulness for such amazing supportive friends and family that have rallied to our sides, the many blessings we do have, joy in the beauty all around us, hope in the One who carries all our sorrows and worries, and peace in knowing we will weather this. Every time we do this, fear is diminished and courage rises.

Here’s to another day!

**painting by me, “See Through”

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