other words

ImageBecause it’s in my nature to analyze, ponder and connect the dots, this current stretch of artistic experimentation runs the risk of dislodging my center with it’s nonsensical whims.

I guess this is why I find participating in a group critique setting provides a wealth of benefit, by helping me narrow in on what’s working and what’s not. It is way too easy to live in my own bubble, going round and round in my head. . . which can be very entertaining at times, but does not necessarily propel me forward.

There is this clever balance between shutting off the voices to hone in on one’s instincts and opening oneself up to receive redirection or improvement.

Enter external feedback. If you are willing, helpful input can make the difference between getting stuck in a rut or finding your groove.

One thought on “other words

  1. um, lets see…. i love it. yep thats all that comes to mind. a daydreaming blue bird….dreaming of blue skies and fluffy white clouds… I’m with ya little blue bird…

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