crawling out of my skin and after the wind


This last week nearly did me in.  I love my family. They invigorate me, move me, mature me.  . . And exhaust me.  When summer comes we have a while to forge out a rhythm and I do ok. . . .but spring break just isn’t long enough to pull it together for me.  

So I spin, whirring to keep the chaos from swallowing us.  But all the spinning makes me dizzy and sometimes grappling for a foothold. Today I awoke with a fragile attitude.  I could’ve gone either way and it seemed to be slipping to the dark side fast.

But he knew, he always does. I’d be locked away somewhere rocking ceaselessly in the fetal position without him. No joke.

He(Eddy) gently, tentatively approached the caged bird(Me) and encouraged her to take a walk(or fly) near the lake to start afresh.  This usually works well for her cluttered birdlike mind.  But instead she hissed something like I haven’t even had my coffee and I’ve got a billion things to do and I’m not really open to suggestions at the moment, so take that idea and shove it. . .well, she thought that last part, which is almost like saying it.  Poor guy.

Dagnabbit. He was right. He knows me too well. Thank goodness.

The rhythmic lapping water instantly cast its spell clearing my head. The gentle spring breeze pricked at my skin and realigned my bones. The deep vibrant colors of life outside seeped into my veins and awakened my spirit.  The steadiness of the earth beneath me, the rocks around me, the trees beside me solidified my weary stance. 

No longer disengaged and merely surviving I reattached to my senses and heard the birds.  

No longer stuck in my stale quarters futilely chasing after my tail I was set free in the big wide world chasing the wild wind.  

I can see and feel again.

And now I am here! 

Reconnected. . .  as a made creature to my Maker.


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