on the brink

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Brains are on the brain lately.

We’re talking Oliver Sacks (Awakenings, etc) type amazing stuff.

It started with this – Over the last several years I’ve discovered that I have the most fluidity in my creative process when I combine learning with imagination, i.e. Science Fiction.  As I research and uncover new understandings about the world around me, creativity naturally expresses itself. I kept thinking. . .there had to be a connection. . . and behold, there is!

My doctor(who specializes in Brain Based Therapy) has been educating me more on the importance of a balanced brain which explains the following:

Order restoration – When I don’t exercise both hemispheres of my brain equally the imbalance creates chaos not only in my work, but in the whole of my life. Mixing routine and research with daydreams and imagining provides the perfect environment for creativity to flourish. It’s like an incubator set at the right temperature and humidity. . .

Of course there are other elements and aspects of this highly complex but intriguing area that come into play such as physical exercise, spiritual health, etc. . . this is merely a surface scratcher. . .I’m just sayin’!


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