two fisted love

Palimpsest #6

The first fist:

for the hunt of -ing and -s

for the trace of the source

for the thrill of momentum

for the seek of the cause for the effect. . . .

Words ending in -ing and -s are particularly exciting for me. There’s an in-progress feel to them, something is happening, brewing, stewing. . . and there may or may not be a stopping point for it. They have a future and continuance. Which seems true of life, you never fully arrive and sometimes have to learn things again or reactivate areas that have seized.  Here’s to verbs and verbing in the new year!

The second fist:

And also, I’d like to mention perspiring. Inspiration perspiration, actually. Which, not surprisingly, is verbing at its best.  It is not for the weak at heart. There is effort in the finding, sifting, and sorting. You have to be decisive. You have to have conviction. And yet you have to remain supple and receptive and know when to give pause to the intake and where to afix your gaze and when to be still and  how and when to apply what is tumbling about in you. It’s a tricky business. . . be strong, take courage!

**Drawing:  Kenneth Steinbach, Palimpsest #6, 2006, ink drawings suspended in layers of epoxy resin on aluminum


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