suddenly. . .everything got really small!

That’s what happens when the kids are on break or when I become overwhelmed. . .things get small.  Bite-sized.  Manageable. . .at least creatively speaking.  My mind simply doesn’t have the space, energy or time to think any bigger.

So it begins—–the Mini Art section on my Etsy site. . . for the small times:  Mini Original Artworks 

Orbs, cells, fur balls, fuzz balls, ripples, germs, bacteria, tiny creatures. . .everything for the specimen lover in you.  An affordable something to spruce up that naked sliver of a wall. .. or to perch on a bookshelf. . . or a thoughtful little gift. . . .or better yet, combined in a series they become a collection of magical microscopic love.  The possibilities are endless and wonderful, do take a look 🙂

Green Orb I available on the happies hill –my Etsy art shop.  Want to get automatic updates when I post new artworks or other related goings on?  You’ll find a Facebook box on the left of this blog, click the “Like” box or Shawna Gilmore to be directed to my Facebook Page!  Yay!  You can also subscribe to receive email notifications of new blog posts 🙂


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