the book I never want to finish

I have a problem.  When I really like a book, I mean really grab hold of it, savor every word, identify and connect with it, I simply don’t want to finish it.  In truth, this is becoming a pattern for me.  There would be countless unfinished reads laying about my house if the library didn’t have due dates.

There is one book I happened upon in a free bin one day that is currently hard to move on from.  This book strikes me at my core, mostly because I identify with the author’s internal dialogue, finding beauty not just in the words, but also in the in-betweens.  Daybook, The Journey of an Artist by Anne Truitt.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I’m quite taken by understanding another artist’s process.  I find learning more about how other artists go about this business of creating gives me clarity of my own journey.  But more than just a validity for my own process, there is inspiration in hearing how they came to overcome certain obstacles, etc.

What I love about Daybook is how Anne explores the balance of motherhood and the realities/challenges that brings with earning an income and doing something she is passionate about.  Anne doesn’t just journal about the days activities, she dives into memories and experiences that are the source of her current state.  Its a wonderful read and her mastery of language is altogether lovely.  I am comforted to know she’s written more(Turn and Prospect) than one of these journals and I’m eager to not “finish” them all.

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