Its far better than a blank stare, though I enjoy those occasionally as well.  A daydream can ignite the tinders of my mind, illuminating them into full expression.  Much of what I create grows out of these times, so I place high importance on forging time for brain space and quiet. Besides permitting myself the time for such things, the challenging part is translating such experiences into something visually legible.

Recently I sat down and watched the entire Rivers and Tides. As I watched I was overcome with joy. It was like one long daydream for me. The quiet process Andy Goldworthy makes as he creates these sculptures in the land is altogether calming.  The images he constructs don’t just stick in my mind, I connect with them.  There is a familiarity to them that I understand. . .a deeper feeling of “Yes!” It’s as if the understanding stems from memories of daydreams I’ve had or experiences with these materials that is like home to me. This sounds bizarre, but yet it’s there.


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