“Daddy and I made a star!”

The residual effects of large quantities of cold medicine taken this fall are showing themselves evident in my communications.  Words come out of my mouth with purpose and because my mind has heard them and my imagination understands them, I feel I’m clear.  Yet time and again I’m seeing that my words are misleading and falling wildly short of their original intent.  A perfect example of this is what happened this Sunday.

Emma and I skipped happily out the door to church leaving the boys(one with an ear infection and the other was to be the grown-up) with what I thought to be clear instructions on an activity for their time. . . Make a star out of sticks for the tree.

****I should interject here and state that the star we’ve had for the last 10 years was hideous and just wouldn’t do it for me again this year so I ditched it in hopes of finding the perfect folk-like tin star(like this) for our modest little tree.****

Ok, so we left and everything was hunky-dory. . . that is, till we came home.  Fortunately Eddy was upstairs at the time. When I came into the dining room I gasped!  Mouth widely agape.  The lovely whimsical dogwood branches I had carefully arranged in the corner as decoration were hacked off completely. . .all of them. . .it was violent.  Shockingly, I wasn’t angry, shocked, not angry, speechless, not angry.  Josiah proudly says, “Daddy and I made a star!”  What happens next is a train of thought. . .Ok, that’s cute. . .I’ll just cut some more branches and not worry about it. .. the star is probably amazing with those branches!. . . Oh, look, there it is, all fastened securely, virtually permanently to the top of our almost toppling tree. . .is that even a star, really?. . . Seems like more of an asterisk. . . .Yes, it is definitely an enormous asterisk. . . Ok, I’m going to smile and think about this a while.

After a couple of days I feel more humorous about the whole thing and can joke with Eddy over the lovely typographical symbol gracing our tree.  He finds it actually funnier than I, which I don’t know how to take, except that I know had I been clearer and perhaps even drawn out some visual instructions we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

So there you have it.  Words really are important. And in my case if I could see them written out and could then edit them for clarity I might spend less time dealing with the results.

Merry Christmas!  May whatever star you have on your tree remind you of the Bright Morning Star and Everlasting Light this season.

**Painting/collage, Star by Jennifer Davis.


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