practically perfect in every way

As we were to find out last night, six years is the perfect age to fully appreciate the humor of Mary Poppins.  We tried it at four with disappointing results. 

Last night, however, the room was full of laughter and amazement as with a *snip-snap* the nursery was tidied.  Siah sat enraptured by the chimney sweeps jumping across roofs, singing and dancing all the while.  His favorite part to be said many times throughout.  How sad it was to Em that the children wouldn’t always see Mary, would she come back to visit them? she asked. 

Personally, I was stunned by the brilliant whiteness of her teeth. . .I know it’s a weird thing to observe, but I notice teeth for some reason.

All said and done it was a lovely viewing experience for the whole family, which I have to confess isn’t true about other shows. . .Power Rangers, for instance.  I’ll let you know next year if seven is too old.

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