exclamation marks are scary and feed me seymour

A couple of nights ago my son was practicing reading something, when he came to the end of the sentence completed with an exclamation mark.  “What is that, Mom?”  “It’s an exclamation mark.”  “Why?” “It means the sentence is said with more excitement, like Tim did come in!, instead of Tim did come in.” “I don’t like it!” “Why, Siah?” “Its too scary and I just don’t like it.”  “O.K.”  Conversations like this can only end with “O.K.” or they take a sharp turn down angry street and then we really lose our compass, so I just say, “O.K.” and then he can sleep.

Speaking of scary, I’ve been thinking a lot about Little Shop of Horrors and this plant-beast that we keep feeding, or who makes us feed him.  It begins with curiosity and a small self-sacrifice then continues to compromise us, pulling us deeper into decisions we never would have made before we met the beast.  Ever bigger, tangle-y, taking over, never-ending, insatiable appetite, being controlled vs. controlling, etc.  I don’t know why. . . but that’s alright, its playing itself out well into some drawings I’m experimenting with. This is a bit of a departure from the wood paintings I’ve been doing.  I’m trying to allow myself the freedom to explore rabbit trails sometimes.  They teach me things I can bring to other areas and thus are not a waste of time.  That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

**Drawing in progress – Oh–It’s a Mess in Here, by myself.


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