“inspiration is for amatuers”

A lovely and newly treasured quote from a recent read, Chuck Close: Life.   There must be brainless parts of the process, so that one doesn’t just wait around for that magic moment when all the stars align, which may or may not come.  For me, its in these daily tasks that I find the most momentum.

I’m terribly interested in the process of things. . . how does the seed become  something. . .how our bodies react to nourishment vs. junk. . . how mass can be broken down into the most microscopic elegance. . .how butterflies know how to get to mexico. . .how an idea becomes a novel, a dance, a song, a painting. . .how something is created.   For me, it has to be a bit more than a feeling or inspiration.  It has to be rooted somewhere in my journey and grown out of the abundance of information I’m continually digesting (when I’m not making supper or folding clothes, of course).  One part of this gathering is finding artists whose works trigger something in me.  Sometimes I can pinpoint exactly what it is that strikes me, othertimes I may never know, though always they nourish some direction in me.

Here are a few artworks feeding my senses at the moment: 

Alexis Rockman – Loam

   Alexis Rockman – Patterns of Heredity

Walmor Correa – Cryptozoology

Walton Ford – Bangalore

Walton Ford – New Tricks for Ancient Wings

Gerome Kamrowski – Biological


One thought on ““inspiration is for amatuers”

  1. A chorus of Boomwhakin’ notes echo up the stairs…am I selfish to read and study your latest pieces of inspiration while the pizza dough continues to rise and our offshoots make music? Could it be that I’m a worm that feeds on the compost, the rotting words, the lost thoughts, of great writers, talent artists? So curious as to what is finding it’s way from your reading, viewing into brush strokes and shades. Thank you friend, truly, it was needed to simply sit and view for a minute (or ten).

    PS. I welcomed the white, crisp change in appearance here.

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