good advice is beyond all price

ad-vice —

            an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.

Last month I participated in a group critique.  It was nerve-wracking and exciting as I laid in wait for my turn to reveal in such a public and vulnerable way these “things” I’d created in my own private confines of my home.  I even placed a partially finished piece up to be devoured and spit out.

So there I sat craving the cold, hard truth.  I was ready to be destroyed.  

 What I received was like a tiny pearl, a gift.  The viewers put to words issues I’ve wrestled over for months.  Direction was given, areas to grow in, aspects to keep, lots to abandon. . . it was invigorating!

Even a lesson in life was gained when the unfinished piece proved to be the most useful.  It revealed more about my process, weaknesses, turning points and allowed the advisors to more accurately identify where the pieces “went wrong.”  Brilliant! 

Vulnerability, unfinished-ness, openness to correction, and those willing to speak truth. . .these are the keys that unlock the door to refinement and growth.

I hunger for this truth-speaking.  It’s a lost art. 

Ok, well, I’m taking the pearl and signing off now.

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