more space, please!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good space movie?  I for one, am a huge fan, harkening back to my formative years watching Star Trek-the original.  Futuristic civilizations colliding, surviving, etc. . .AND all floating in the blackness of the outer regions with space ships, what is not to love!  And so it comes as no surprise I am intreged by the works of NYC artist William Swanson  The qualities only certain to be part of a post-apocalypitic universe are all present:  graphic-ness, futuristic looking architecture, vast and voidless-ness, utopia-gone-awry-ness.

Actually, it reminds me of the house I dream my brother will buy, fix up and live in so I can come visit him, Ensculptic.   

We came across this house near my parents home on a Sunday drive, what ensued was a family investigation of this interesting piece of history and of the future.  Apparently, my uncle helped build it 🙂  At the time we saw it, it was in terrible disrepair and apparently under rehabilitation.  The rest of the story has remained a mystery.  Seeing the decay of this future-imagined was sort of sad at first.

The future is never what we imagine or hope it to be, for better or worse, because this too shall pass.  Tangible images like this ironically give me hope in my eternal future where every tear will be wiped away, hope is fulfilled and brokenness mended.


Two paintings above:  Collapse Cycle, 2008 and Trace Dispersal, 2009, William Swanson

Two photos above:  Ensculptic exterior and interior with its designer and builder, Mr. Littlejohn


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