cloud burst

You know that feeling when the clouds are gorging themselves on the moist air, growing and darkening. . . .and you imagine a jet plane heading straight for them, bursting them, releasing the swell and relieving the weight of the water? 

This is what happened to me today.  Its been building for days, perhaps a gathering of all sorts of random bits, but this dark day of winter pushed the edges of the burgeoning cloud to its limit.    The cloud began growing several days before as pieces of someone else’s grief spilled into my heart, aching it and then the usual inadequacies, questionings, trappings.  Its hard to explain how one person can contain both a deep happiness and profound sadness all twisted into one wrapping itself around mind in a blinding atmosphere. 

Then a plane presses through the seams, tearing the surface tension and the tears fall.  Tears speak of so many emotions, they can utter the unspoken or mixed up, they shed, they cleanse. . .they relieved the swollen cloud. 

In the midst of this watershed moment a cry was said on my behalf, eyes were lifted and the one who wove me breathed peace back into my being so that I sit here now with joy unfettered.


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