ask, seek, knock

It seems only fitting to follow-up a musing over barely breathing ideas with a post on a breakthrough.  The answer to the earlier post is still yet to be decided.  I really don’t know what happened, but the ideas revived themselves and multiplied.  I’ll save the pontificating over the process of it all(for which we know all artists obsess over) until the next dead-end I reach.  For now I will glory in the relief of releasing my mind from the ruckus of caged ideas. 

These are some of the handy, branchy and earthy pictures taking shape:

I will never tire of seeing the first outlines of negative space emerge from a nearly blank panel.  They cause me to stare as if staring into a holusion picture searching for the underlying image.  Sometimes I fall so in love with them that I want to pick up those eye-contorting negative areas and dance a few rounds of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain When She Comes!”  Instead I just stare.

This was today’s girl-time at our house and I must say it was quite fun.  Our hour of painting bliss was sandwiched by a few tunes plunked on the piano by Sweet Em and ended with both of us snuggled up on my sunny bed reading the current seed catalog until we fell asleep.  Ahhhhhh.

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