CPR for the dying idea

How to revive a once so vibrant, hopeful, exciting fledgling of an idea, this is the dilemma.  

The discussion should really start with the fervor of creative spark.  The idea is born!  It tumbles and jumbles and realigns itself, building, growing the anticipation and excitement of what it could be.  Then it starts down the hill forming a larger and clearer idea, gaining title, gravity, meaning, depth(this is where I can’t hardly stand it anymore). . . it must be created!   

. . . Or a distraction enters the scene stealing the thunder, moving my mental energies another direction sending it careening over the cliff to die.  (All this presupposes the idea is superb. . .certainly many a wanky idea never make it past one side of the brain to the other, dying before even a spark is ignited.)  

Sometimes I welcome the distraction.  It takes me out of myself for a while, deepening and widening my understanding of the world around me.   As seasons go, this was a busy one.  Much distraction, be it good, pleasant or otherwise.  Nevertheless, pre-distraction season ideas were percolating, sparking, and occasionally misfiring.  A theme was gaining ground and I was excited to execute them. 

But they’ve died.  They’re still there, lifeless, but there.  I visit their gravesites, even practicing our last waltz together, but alas my arms are left wanting.  How do I find and restore them, can anything be done?  Perhaps if I go through the motions of creating them it will just be a matter of time before they come bursting through the door as if they’d never left.  I think that we really had something.  Maybe I need some seasonal recovery time.  They say time heals, I’m hoping their right.

On a less dramatic note:  A small solo exhibit of 10 or so of my works on paper are now on display at the Kenwood Duluth Teachers Credit Union.  You don’t have to be a member to take a gander and they are all for sale of course at ridiculously reasonable prices 🙂  Drawing above is a detail of  No Room to Grow, now showing at the exhibit.


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