the many colored tree

P1190144this week I saw it. . . and didn’t have a camera. . . .like the time years ago that I was gazing out the window peacefully during a blustery fall day and whooosh a stout breeze cleaned an entire tree of its leaves. . .just like that, tree lush with ochre leaves. . .one gust. . . bare-naked limbs quaking in the chill.  Not kidding.  Hard to prove since only I witnessed it.  It still gives me the shivers, brrrr.

. . .back to the sight I saw:  Average tree on an average street on an average drive home from dropping the kids at preschool.  Every angle of this seemingly average maple was coated in a different color. Techicolor.  Any other maple would have apted for yellow or  yellow and orange, but not this one.  This one wanted to make a statement.  It wasn’t going to be average.  Glistening yellow, orange, brilliant red, brownish-purple, deep green, chartruse and every varient in between.  It was truly a spectacle.  Fast the car zoomed pulling me against my will as my head turned in slow motion.  Wow.  Gone. 

Now I can’t remember where said tree was and surely by now all color is faded by the frost or dropped to the ground.  . . ahhhh, but the memory nothing can steal, not even remorse.  The rememberance is more vivid, more exagerated, more amazing. 

I fight this frustrating feeling of zooming and missing opportunities now that life has resumed a more scheduled pace.

school2school1**Photos are of the first tree this fall that took my breath away (photos don’t do it justice, however, as you’re missing the crisp sting of the wind and fresh smell that comes when the heat dies down) and getting educated, four-year-old style, front and back.


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