logjam for the unkneaded and puzzled

During my two mornings a week when I can delight in the quiet of my house whilst my kids get educated, I have been encountering a dilemma of sorts.  At first I was quick to call it an impasse.  But after much thought, it seems that’s not the case.  After all its certainly not motionless. . . and eventually it will break free and the current will flow, sometimes overwhelmingly fast, sometimes swirling in an eddy or whirlpool, but it will flow freely and hopefully merrily down the stream. 

The dilemma of course is a creative logjam.  Many logs vying for the same exit, stuck in limbo, waiting.  Someone, explaining the reason for kneading bread dough, likened it to aligning the logs(or gluten) in the same direction so they form a strong support to hold the volatile leavening.  I like this visual as it relates to creating. 

Creativity can be so explosive, up and down, big and small, ideas bouncing everywhere and never enough time, energy or patience to see them through. Currently the logs(or gluten) in my creative process are misaligned and causing the unpredictable creative energies to escape.  This leaves me unleavened, stuck and frustrated.puzzle

The process of kneading, in this case, means patience, persistence and perspective.  I’m working on a few wood paintings at the moment.  They’re bigger than I’ve worked before and they require planning, preparing and constructing to come to a point where I can finally paint.  All this means a holding pattern for the energies behind the potential creation, hopefully not releasing those unused energies before the logjam is resolved.

Sometimes you need to beat the dough till the gluten aligns or turn the logs in the same direction to release the flow of creativity, but nothing is more satisfying than a finished product and that’s end I reach for.


**Painting is Puzzle by Jennifer Davis at  jenniferdavisart.com


2 thoughts on “logjam for the unkneaded and puzzled

  1. Shawna,

    While you are waiting for your painting logjam to break up and flow, your beautiful word crafting certainly has no logjam right now. Your gift with painting word pictures is just as creative in my eyes, and I enjoy reading what you share on your blog. Too infrequent for my taste. 🙂

    Blessings on you today as your gluten lines up and your dough rises…


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