This spring something both rested and awoke in me.  The streak and push of creativity I had been experiencing was drying as I moved from my cave to the out-of-doors.  My energies and thinking-spaces were being tapped by planting season.  But instead of being scared that the creativity might not return, I was being formed into a new shape. backyard1There are seasons and cycles to our lives; a time for gathering seeds, preparing the ground and reconnecting to the created order, a time for nurturing, protecting, growing and revaluating, a time for pulling, yanking and composting  life-choking weeds and of course a time for harvesting. backyard2There is a rhythm setting in that measure itself not by things accomplished but by discoveries made.  I love the flow of the day, awaking to birds, the sun beating down my windows, the breeze flowing over my face.  I love to sip my coffee on the back porch, surveying, planning, resting, praying, dreaming.  I love counting the tasks for the day ahead:  today– go for a walk, put up brackets for floating row covers, water the squash garden, pull weeds for the chickens to eat, set up the sprinkler for the kids. backyard3 I love the conversations over the fence, the seeds gathered from time spent with living things not stagnant interiors or silent walls.  chickens2I love finding shelter from the sun near the chicken coop where life is slowed to bugs gathered, naps taken and pecking orders established.chickens   I am sinking deep into this pattern and its borders feel right and fitting, like a shape I was meant to fill.  

This rhythm feels like home.


One thought on “turning

  1. Shawna, I loved seeing your photos here and reading your thoughts. Chickens! Wow. Your writing is soothing and slows me down just to read it, which is a good thing. God bless your summer with every good thing…

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