when clouds have vanished and skies are blue

Skies are BlueThis phrase trickles in and out of my brain because of its location on a wall in our living room.  It most aptly describes how I’ve come to slowly embrace the trauma and then complete healing of my dear friend, Lora.  Many of you remember last year she grappled with the question of saving her life or her unborn baby as brain cancer gave her weeks to live.  Its hard to explain why I’ve been so slow in accepting it, but I mourned for months and months as we cried out, agonized, prayed and wept over this situation. . . then after all the excruciating treatments and painful recoveries she’s healed, completely, totally, cancer gone and she’s stronger, more vibrant than ever!  Now we  sit in our living room, laughing and talking like before until all of the sudden she’ll say, “Yea, like last spring when I was learning to walk again. . . . .” and a simple interjection into a common conversation halts me with tears of disbelief and joy. . .and this picture of clouds lifting means more to me than before.

She recently spoke of her journey:

The Lora Kesselhon Story

(best to listen to them in numerical order for them to make the most sense)

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