a day within a day

rainy-dayThis is what I experienced this morning all before 11am.  My coffee had barely traveled to my inside before the kids were traveling to the outside with gloves, galoshes and Frisbee in hand.  Then as fast as they went out, they came in and all of the sudden we were making homemade weaving looms and I was wondering what possessed me to suggest such a venture. Soon after this became a bore we were gathering toys to wrap as presents for Polar Bear because apparently its her birthday today, again.  Then we were back outside in lightening speed to shovel rock  just delivered yesterday into the prepared path where mud used to live.   While I strained unused muscles with wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, the kids swept the entire alley, helped shovel and rake, painted with water on the garage floor, rode their big wheels, and played with the neighbor kids. Finally we decided lemonade was deserved and off we tramped inside to end the first day within our day. 

What I forgot to include in the description above is the list of “suggestions” like:  let’s paint, let’s play a game or do a puzzle, let’s run through the sprinkler, let’s make cookies, let’s dress up, let’s bake a cake-make a hat-bring out the tea set for Polar Bear, let’s wash all the sheets, let’s play hide and seek and tag and pretend. . .

. . .let’s just say busy never quite encompasses the intensity of this life.  Its more of a steady whirrrrrrr. . .

6 thoughts on “a day within a day

  1. i relate to this so much! and sometimes the more you do that is novel and activates their brains and bodies, the more the requests keep flying!

  2. Polar Bear is Emma’s most beloved and insightful beanie baby. Polar Bear is constantly coming up with the brightest ideas or is always to blame if something was done that shouldn’t have been done. We have parties for her at least 5 times a week. She is the equivalent of an imaginary friend without the invisibility factor. Lord help us if she takes a vacation in an undisclosed location.

  3. This sounds like our days–or I should say our days when I am not pregnant. Since right now I am, our days are mostly of the “Let’s . . . Mommy” “Go ahead boys and Mommy will watch you.” variety. They are less thrilled with this but such is life.

    1. Katie!! Ahhh!!! You’re pregnant? That’s so great 🙂 I marvel at the thought of you in a pregnant form, how cute you must be! Congrats!

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