tweet, tweet. . .

. . .not the kind that refers to a current technology for which I know nothing and would rather not find out(and if you are really lost now, you are certain to be in the same boat as I). . .but rather the kind the leaks from the beaks of my fine feathered friends.  They seem to be turning up all over the place these days, at least if that place is paper stored in my new desk


I told you we had reconciled, the yellow bird and I!  Little did he know it’d turn into a full blown infatuation.  He’s probably reconsidering his song singing/woeing, though I prefer to think he’s enjoying all the attention. . .  

. . . Emma even drew a striking rendition of Tweedleledee after standing and staring at him straight on for a good while:


Since I’m showing off my kid’s artwork (and I’m completely and totally inspired by their drawings, truly!), here’s another by sweet Em, its about the magic school bus and a bee and the volcano, incase you were curious:


Side Note:   I’m certain my high school art teacher was right when he repeated over and over that coloring books screw up everything by telling you what something is supposed to look like and stripping you of the confidence to observe for yourself.  Coloring books don’t allow the child to explore the emotions present and critical in creating.  They are sterile, mindless fill-in-the-blanks.  I know this is a pretty severe stance on something most everybody loves. . .I won’t judge you for using them and stifiling yet another child’s creative potential (just kidding, on the whole stifling bit, not the judging thing, silly!)  But for those conspiracy-theory stragglers out there, add coloring books to the list! 


2 thoughts on “tweet, tweet. . .

  1. I love your thoughtful art, Shawna. And your children’s. My oldest granddaughter Clara is very artistic (like her daddy) and never chooses coloring books. She would rather create and dream and do her own thing too. I think your art teacher was right. Enjoying your blog….

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