to everything turn

With each season of growth in our children’s lives, our house slowly reclaims its house-ness and becomes less toy box-ish.  The colors of the decor are being restored to their original intent and the primary color palate recedes to more hidden places like closets and  bins.  Its refreshing now to have places for things instead of things all over the place. 

 And now I present my new favorite spot:


My desk!. . . well, arguably it was Eddy’s desk, something I think I gave him. . . but he never ever ever used it and agreed to its new found purpose and now I mention how grateful I am countless times a day, to a fault actually.  Its ordered and tidy, miniature and well-lit, its inspiring!  Its here that I’ve been cranking out several pieces a day while keeping a good eye on my usually neglected bonsai, marvel at the blooming orchid or tend to my temporary seedling shelf.  I can showcase my latest rock collection or driftwood or sea glass or hide shells or small glass bottles or watercolors.  And if I’m bored, a simple glance upward and outward will allow me to give a wave to my neighbor washing dishes six feet away.  Hello Neighbor!

Interestingly enough, I’m finding “place” to be an important influence in my work.  For instance, though I’ve always loved birds(minus the situation from this winter, which had more to do with loud voices in a small space than with the bird), only since I’ve plunked down to this treasure trove desk of mine, coincidentally situated within spitting distance from our beloved canary, have my pieces been spilling forth bird-ness.  Its a natural progression for me, nonetheless its certainly gained ground from Tweedlelidee hovering over my shoulder always tilting his head to see what I’m doing.  I think we’re friends again.


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