so surreal

I am so into surreal right now.  I can’t help it, its like this light that keeps turning on inside me, then I shut it off,  it turns on again and so instead of fighting it I let it happen.  So it comes as no surprise that I felt so validated by a recent discovery of Joseph Smolinskitemple

His drawings are so technically beautiful.  This tension he explores between nature and technology is something I’m constantly wrestling with. 

Where is the place for the created being in a land of man-made?  Sometimes I feel so disoriented, manipulated and disconnected by all the technology I encounter everyday.  

Don’t get me wrong, I find a lot of the unnatural things around me priceless, like videos, etc.  But there are times I wish I could take our little family off the grid, unplug and dive into our surroundings, hear the birds again.  Connect as a creature to creation and the Creator. 

I know its not realistic, in fact is so unrealistic its almost surreal.  Maybe this explains my attraction to Dali and Smolinski, hmmmmmm.

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