I had words

The parsing of phrases, dividing and separating of ideas, and the battle to clearly articulate the inexplicable qualities floating about my work. . . let’s just say, its complicated. 

 I just completed a grant proposal, a process both exhilarating and exhausting.  Being of the more random-abstract bent, I wrestled to pull together streams of thought, they fought like heck to become coherent, finally at the eleventh hour wham!  I caught a couple and nailed them down.  

Whatever comes of the grant, the struggle to produce it was rewarding.  My direction seems clearer now and my goals are well-formed for the first time in a long while.field-you**Painting by Sarah Brokke, a good friend and excellent painter, who prodded me to complete the proposal if for nothing else but clarity in my pursuit.


2 thoughts on “I had words

    1. Its an artist fellowship grant, to help with a few obstacles like framing costs, childcare for a few hours each week, business tools, and of course, supplies 🙂

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