something or not

thinking about viability lately.  The life of something before it becomes or whether it becomes at all.  There’s a mystery about this point in any beginning, how its been woven to this point, the composition of its innermost workings and the blueprints for what it might be. apple

. . .and I’ve been coupling these thoughts with my affections for apple seeds.  They are marvelous.  Each one producing a completely different tree with sometimes drastically different fruit from its parent.  I’m a mighty big Michael Pollan fan(though I have yet to finish his collection) which is where my apple seed addiction was feed and nourished to a standing beam in the room of my mind.  (I love the myths/stories of Johnny Appleseed a salesman, hermit and benevolent, who planted millions of apples along the shores of rivers in the infancy of  USA.  Never wore shoes, lived in hollowed out trees, made friends, enemies, legends from his wanderings.  But the seed he sold is even more amazing. . . )

. . .and it gets me wondering what defines a good seed from a bad . .  .whether it grows?  or fruits?  or produces sweet edible fruit?  What if it creates stank bitter crops?  What happens inside during  those first moment of unique DNA formation? 

. . .and there are connectors for me here bridging the divide between seeds, idea conceptions, original conditions, etc.

. . .and this is what I’m working on.

**Photo – Apple Slice by 3dphoto.neton flickr.


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