Friday night and the lights are low

Being Movie Friday at our house, here are a few movies I’ve savored, pondered and digested for days after their viewing.  Be forewarned:  they may not be your cup of tea or they may be a complete joy to you.

The Story of the Weeping Camel  –  A documentary about a mother camel who rejects her baby after a difficult birth and the lengths this Mongolian tribe go to to save this relationship and the baby’s life.  Amazingly beautiful, moving, and mellowing. 

Greenfingers–  We first saw this when we lived in Boston at a little restored opera house that showed independent films.  Its a great story of redemption and finding your calling in an unsuspecting places.

The Village– Chilling M. Night Shyamalan movie(The Lady in the Water another good one).  But really fascinating.  The actions we take to protect that extend beyond protection to deception.  I’m crazy about a good thriller dotted with twists and thick with plot.  Loved this one.

Garden State – There was so much in this I liked.  The humor, the grit, the bizarre, the searching.

Lars and the Real Girl – You don’t expect to be swept into this story, but something resonates in the isolation and coping with deep issues. It’s delightfully humorous and moving. 

That’s all I got for today folks.  Savor what you will.


2 thoughts on “Friday night and the lights are low

  1. You seemed to have forgotten the recent, and fabulous, musical Mama Mia!!!

    Okay, so not exactly a movie that leaps to mind when I think of Shawna.

    I guess I’ll just continue on with my private obsession and not try to force you on board. I wouldn’t want you to throw yourself overboard!!!

  2. Mark and I have seen Lars and the Real Girl. It is truly a good movie. The town people are so kind and it’s so touching. Who wudda thought!

    But I also loved Mama Mia! I would see both these movies again.

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