the vacuum died today

I ride a teeter totter of singular want and consuming desires. 

Up and down I swing wanting only one thing and then wanting all things(even if they’re justified, i.e. a working vacuum cleaner, dish washer, a car that runs, a new bra to replace the broken, rugs to replace the rags, a blender for our health-is that too much to ask?. . .the list never seems to end, growing, louder). 

But the legion pale against the one.  For the one rises far above the crowd. 

Its what I truly hunger for, love . .but there’s another part of me, my nature, which tears at the hopeful strings of singular want, pulling, tugging, yanking me down in shame, envy, greed, dissatisfaction. 

Then slowly a song forms again deep within me, softly and tenderly, calling for me to come home. 

I rise again, like so many times before to listen to the suffering around me, to wipe away the scales revealing the despair of true poverty right here in my city and to see again how much I have, how blessed and warm and fed and loved we are. 

And it makes me want to give away, to give out of our abundance.

For we have much.nasanas121264172168567


Photo:  Sun’s relative size to the earth, NASA’s image.


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