frost’s window and sunshine grapefruit

I walked into our bedroom one frigid day last week(though what day isn’t right now, not complaining, just saying) and saw this:


But the feeling wasn’t immediately pleasant, at first I felt sort of shocked.  Then as the wall of frost glowed in the morning sun it began to comfort me like the kind of safety one feels with a warm thick blanket. . .but then I remembered it was ice and soon I started to feel incarcerated by winter all around me.  Regardless of these last responses, I couldn’t help but be drawn to it like a moth to the light and as I came closer the depth of its beauty almost brought me tears.  Over-dramatic, maybe, but it had been a rough day already by 10am and things like this remind me I’m more than a referee to sibling quarrels.  Photos don’t do it justice, but for the sake of proof I share:frosts-window

Maybe the same day or one close to it I ate grapefruit for the first time in a year.  I had given it up, just too bitter, too time consuming to slice up and scoop out.  .  .but ooooohhh baby, this time. . . this time it was pure sunshine popping bite after sweet juicy bite in my mouth.  Gone were the ill feelings of impatience only to be replaced with joy in the journey of the scooping out each refreshing  segment.  And each morning since I wake up in anticipation of this new treat.grapefruit-5-365

Photos:  first two are mine, the last one makes my mouth water and is from flickr.


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