I’m not a curmudgeon.

yellowcanary_artworkimageBut I’m starting to think I may dabble in it. 

We have a beautiful bird.  His name is Tweedlelidee.  He is a yellowish-orange American Canary bred for his color, not his song.  But he sings despite this human intervention.  Its rather nice usually, his isn’t the strong hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-two-by-four sort of tune (the kind you find in American Canary Songbirds – loud and consuming), but its loud enough to be heard and sing-songy enough to be beautiful.  He usually sings when the sun shines or the kids get too noisy. 

Tweedlelidee goes through a molting every so often and it knocks the song out of him.  He gets all sad and depressed, loosing feathers and moping about.  Then it ends and he’s a new bird full of zest.  This fall he went through a whopper of a molting, long and drawn out, but came out of it with G-U-S-T-O. 

Now he sings constantly, incessantly:  sun, rain, sleet, snow. . .when the microwave runs, the phone rings, the heat turns on, we argue, we laugh, the TV is on, the house is quiet, the Christmas lights glow, the vacuum cleaner runs. . .its grating on me.

There, I said it. . .its out . . .the beautiful bird who sings his heart out because he’s so happy is annoying me.

I promise you – I love birds . . .ask any of my family members. . . I can never have enough bird feeders, I could sit all day and stare at them eating(and getting drunk from) the berries off our Juneberry tree, I collect bird baskets, bird pictures, bird statues, bird books. . .birds are awesome! 

So it comes with much regret that I arrive at this conclusion,  if I cannot appreciate this gift of divine goodness for what it is. . .goodness, I am a curmudgeon.  But, because its goodness, it persistently chips away at my ill-tempered outer crust revealing my grouchy interior which opens me up for a good cleaning.

And for this I thank you, Tweedlelidee, for a new perspective and a hefty New Year’s resolution:  enjoy the loudness of life, it isn’t permanent.

**Photo: Luke Stephenson an up and coming photographer from London whose work makes me laugh.


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