on a tree hunt

Let me preface this by saying tree hunting isn’t as cool without snow, but you got what you got. . .and besides. . .with all the snow we wouldn’t have seen these enormous ant hills which would’ve kept us from doing awesome freestyle jumps like this:ant-hill-leap

After a few jumps and watch-this’s we trudged on like this:


Then finally after an incredible amount of Nope-too-fat, too-scrawny, too-weird-looking, and too-sad’s from Mom, we watched Daddy cut down the perfect tree like this:tree-find

Note:  Immediately following the taking of the photo above, the documented tree preceded to topple inches away from small child on the left, completely unbeknownst to the negligent photographer and tree-cutter-downer.  Now that would’ve made a memory!

**Since everyone asks about the snowsuits – the neighbor who hand-sewed these doesn’t make them anymore, if you are desperate it doesn’t hurt to inquire. . .maybe he has an old one laying around or maybe you’ll be drawn to something else wonderful and good like his crazy awesome boots(which I treasure-they’re the only boots I’ve ever worn that actually keep my feet warm!), here’s his website: Empire Canvas Works


2 thoughts on “on a tree hunt

  1. Yeah, I really struggle with this, cause I feel very sorry for the charlie brown trees and want to adopt them all, but I have a tiny, specific spot in our dining room that the tree can reside and this helps me narrow down my options a little 🙂

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