happy days feet

Josiah has named his feet Joanie and Chachi.


They even had a conversation/argument the other day while I was putting his shoes on, something like this:

Joanie: Hi I’m Joanie and I’m hiding, you can’t see me.

Chachi:  Joanie, I can see you cause I’m Chachi and your behind my leg.

Joanie:  No you can’t.

Chachi:  Yes I can.

Joanie:  Ok, well, I’m gonna tickle you now.

Chachi:  No, you can’t do that.

Joanie: Oh yes I can and I’m gonna step on you too!

Chachi: OWWWWW!!!!

At this point I could see where this conversation was headed and had to put it to a halt before they broke up or took out mutual restraining orders.  I was frightened to think of who the Fonz might be and if he’d get involved.  

And for the record, we haven’t been watching Happy Days, though I love that show.  I have no idea where he got the names.  Could it be a wacky, but delightful coincidence?


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