I forgot. . .

. . .and then I remembered. 

I held a friend’s baby this morning.  She was busying herself with her bottle glancing around the noisy room. . .and then she looked into me.  

It was a deep soul searching and sifting look, penetrating and intense. I found myself compelled to confess my wickedness to relieve the shame, reminding myself that she’s just a baby not a priest.  But still I sat waiting for her approval, a smile or blink or something to let me know the evaluation was complete.  She cringed instead signaling the need to burp.  

I was left feeling inadequate and exposed, until at last a reprieve of droopy eyes. 

Ahhhh. . .just a baby. . .she’s just a baby.

I had forgotten this part of the adult/infant connection. . .now I remember clearly.

2 thoughts on “I forgot. . .

  1. this is one of the most amazing things about little kids, and especially babies. the eye contact has no barrier. i absolutely love it, especially since eye contact with fellow adults always always seems to have limits and warnings– even among the deeply loved!

  2. I wonder when that changes? Maybe when everything else appears more interesting and there’s never enough time to take it all in or touch it.

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