In the misty fog of my morning mind I had a creative revelation. 

My arm was still warm from a child’s embrace and it occurred to me that possibly I could capture this warmth and other forms of a hug in somekind of interactive virtual reality sculpture. 

Stick with me here, I realize as I type this it seems creepy, but in my foggy, boggy mind it was beautiful and loving and something everyone should have access to.  Now, wash the creeps from your mind!

Imagine, if you will, a virtual sculpture that in one moment draws you into the fragile, gentle hug of an elderly woman. . .then seconds later the tender, sweetness of a child’s soft arms wrapped around your neck. . .and finally the safe, strong hold of a loving father.  

I imagined the reactions of people who are so angry or disconnected being touched by pure love for the first time.  Its was such a revelation. . .

. . .then I woke up and realized something virtual could never take the place of reality, no matter how well its done. . .even for those neglected punk kids a couple houses down who stole our really cool “Leaves Wanted” sign last night.

**Painting by Gustav Klimt, detail of The Three Ages of Woman, 1905.

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