oh the blogs I’ve written

.  .  .and not typed.  I mean its probably in the double digits at least.  Some were so funny I was actually laughing out loud (not too uncommon actually), but noteworthy and sad because they are lost forever in the deep recesses of my buzzing brain, overtook by other thoughts like “what are we having for dinner?,”  “I need fresh air” and “where are the tissues?”.  Well I guess we’ll survive and move on.

Our Internet was temporarily homeless while we moved Emma into the spare “office/guestroom/playroom/library/storage room.”  Now its completely hers minus 4 giant tubs of books Eddy has to sort through, which seems like a waste of time to me, cuz he does this about once a year, spending massive amount of precious time and produces like one or two books for disposal. 

Ahhhh. . . and so here we are.  I’ve been enjoying drawing some tiny pictures I’ll share when I get my act together.  They’re such a relief from the serious and yet their mini-ness makes me feel like something in this world is under some sort of control.  Contrary to original thoughts I like details.  Not in large quantities, but enough to pull me in with some kind of believability.

Here’s a photo of the cabbage we scored at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago.  It made 7 quarts of sauerkraut 🙂  Yes, I’m one of those crazy eat it out of the jar freaks.


2 thoughts on “oh the blogs I’ve written

  1. I think Emma is cringing in the photo because she knows you are going to make sauerkraut with that cabbage… rather than something more edible, like coleslaw… 😉 And Josiah is like “Really, mom?!? Sauerkraut?”

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