something with seemingly contradictory qualities

How do you explain dichotomies to 3yr olds? 

Several situations arise: 

We want them to be observant about the world around them, just not when we walk past a very large bellied man removing his shirt(actually words spoken by Josiah, “Whoa! Mom, that guy’s naked and has a big belly, that’s silly!” of course said man cast a nasty glare.) 

OR  we want them be wary of strangers, but wish they were more friendly and outgoing around new people.

To add to the confusion, we want them to be honest but not when we’re eating something they don’t like at someone else’s house.   

My deepest admiration goes out to those who successfully raise healthy, law-abiding, God-fearing children! Its not an easy endeavor.

4 thoughts on “something with seemingly contradictory qualities

  1. Let me just say how much I LOVE your blog! It gives me all these smiles to think ahead to life with 3+ year old twins and I enjoy the balance between thinking “wow, someday, my kids could do that” and “oh crap, someday, my kids could do that.” 🙂 LOVE it.
    I have a story for you… Matt was immediately reminded of it when he read this post. My mom took my brother into a school psychologist to have him tested because she thought he was gifted. The psychologist asked him about several things including school, and my brother said, “School? I have a song about that! ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the school. We have fired every teacher, we have broken every rule. We are headed to the office to hang the principal…'” I’m not sure if he was labeled “gifted” or not though he definitely is, but my mom was mortified when she heard the report describing her son’s violent tendencies due to a song she taught him herself as a joke. Hey, evil masterminds are gifted too!

  2. Oh my goodness, I have been struggling with this very thing this week. We went camping a couple weekends ago, and Ella was running right up to groups of adults we didn’t know telling them everything we were doing. “And our tent is right over there! The green one!” AHHHH! I want them to be friendly and social, but not so much that they are kidnapped. What to do?

  3. Jaime – I love that story 🙂

    Sarah – Sometimes I think it might be better if my kids were mute, but then I wouldn’t be laughing as much. The things they say shock, mortify and crack a room up. What makes it hard, is I don’t think I’ve ever really mastered the art of discerning these things for myself (always saying too much, not enough, or something altogether confusing), how can I possibly teach them to my children? Such weakness requires much supernatural strength 🙂

  4. Here’s another favorite of mine: we want them to share, but not when they(or the kid they’re sharing with) have a snotty nose or other contagious disease. No great ideas on combatting the problem, but I completely understand the embarassment/amusement/horror it generates!

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