analyzing an analysis

So a recent perusal of a newly acquired, yet very dated, perennial book I received from my grandpa’s estate brought about an unexpected roar of laughter and head-to-toe body shivers the other day.
I was just flipping through the pages, admittedly pretty disappointed, looking for information about roots(a current passion), and suddenly I realize there is a book mark of some sorts sticking out of the middle. As I turn to the page I feel that tingle of excitement, maybe its an old paycheck(ask me about that some other time, let’s just say random history books no one looks at on your parents bookshelves don’t make good places to use your $600 paycheck as a bookmark. Yes only $600, I was in high school when this happened, ok? Digression.) or perhaps I’ve stumbled on a one of a kind original something or other. Original something or other is what I found, in less of the form I was hoping. There folded neatly in half lay a nice onion skin carbon copy of let’s call him Mr. B’s(name excluded for privacy) urine analysis from 1976. Thank goodness the name wasn’t my grandpa’s, he must have pickedd up this book at a garage sale. (which brings up an interesting question, why would you ever consider your personal lab results something for marking a page?)As it was laying on a page that had a picture of a man looking to be about 54 just like the analysis said Mr. B was, I started to wonder was this his. . .the details were almost to much to read, so I closed one eye, but it was too interesting so I continued on. . . biliruben: small. . . ph: 6. . .mod: crystals. . .color: dark amber(drink some water, buddy). . .ugh this is really personal.  The questions never end, who was this guy, is he still alive, what was he looking for in this book, why would he use his urine work-up for a page saver? 
Oh the things we leave behind.

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