bulking up

We’re placing a large bulk order from a natural foods store and let me just say, wow. 

Its a whole new thought process. . .questions like, will I need 25 or 50 lbs of flour in the next 3 months or how much dried fruit do we consume each month. . .it makes my head spin.  More than anything it gives me great respect for those whose household size demand such planning.  Its just a lot of work preparing, planning and deciding, storing up for the long, cold winter.  

Something about this process, though stressful, resonates in me. . .its trudging up a pioneer desire I didn’t know I had. I love the idea that our grains, legumes and flour, or produce frozen fresh from our garden being steps away in the cellar(basement), and knowing what’s in my food because I placed the ingredients there or grew them myself.  And though I don’t crave all of the miserable aspects of managing a household as in days gone by(because, really, who has time to hand scrub clothes?), I do take great pleasure in these few.  And hopefully we’ll be saving time(endless shopping trips) and money(gas, lower food costs) as well. 

I promise I won’t get all Y2K on ya. 

Here’s to pioneering in 21st century style!


4 thoughts on “bulking up

  1. Wow, what brought you to this kind of a decision? We have been reading the book by Dr. Broer (a bio-chemist & christian) and have been amazed at how much we need to get back to the basics. American food is sorry to say ruined by all the junk actually poisons they put into it. Do you have recipes to go with your natural food journey? I would love them. I am baking my own bread now, since Ezekiel bread is a bit expensive. Or did you do this because of the finances of all this 21st century lifestyle? We are now on social security and will find out how it is to be on a fixed income. Like it was when we first got married maybe? At any rate, hurray for you guys and what a facinating web page. Like reading a book. Hey, I don’t know about Bobby Dylan, but I am with Eddy on Cash.
    Courage mes amis, A. Joan and U Rollo

  2. Hey, have you read ‘In Defense of Food: an eaters manifesto’ by Michael Pollan? Its all about why doing things like ordering bulk natural foods will make you healthier, and why the food industry is basically evil. You’d like it, I think; its a new favorite of mine.

  3. Hey Bob and Joan!!
    Sorry it took me a while to figure out the whole comment thing on this new site, but bear with me!
    Bulking for us is a nutritional/financial/lifestyle thing. We want to shop locally for our produce, but for grains and baking goods, the prices are out of this world, especially for organic, so to bulk we go. We’re pretty much rid of processed anything and our latest adventure is moving to a whole-food, plant-based diet, cutting our animal-based foods to 5%. The China Study book secured this conviction in us. Its all quite an adventure with many mishaps, but we love it. Glad to hear about your newfound journey, too!
    Hugs to you all!

  4. Katie,

    I read Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilema and Botany of Desire. Both were awesome and I’m totally in love with Botany of Desire! I just gobbled it up, so to speak! My friend is reading the manifesto one and she’s been relaying it all to me 🙂 Check out the book called The China Study if you really want to get crazy!

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