lollipop heads

I have crazy dreams.  Honestly, Eddy tires of my saying, “I had the craziest dream last night, no, seriously!”  I find them fascinating, insights into my inner thought life that I may or may not want to know.  Mostly they are fueled by an overactive imagination and so here we sit with the latest dream.

Josiah was a lollipop.  The totally round, beachball-shaped kind that I remember selling for gymnastics(a venture I’d rather not discuss, thank you) in flavors like cotton candy(yuck), root beer(yucky) and coconut(yucko). I held him by the lollipop stick, cradling him close to my neck so he wouldn’t get cold, because you see, he was so little.  And sometimes he would cry this little kitten cry, “meow” and I would wrap a tiny blanket around him.  In the end, I woke up from the trauma of trying to hand him off by his little lollipop stick all the while keeping him warm and protected. 

Its tough taking care of baby lollipop heads.


2 thoughts on “lollipop heads

  1. I completely understand. While pregnant with Kaitlin, I dreamed she was a Subway sandwhich and all I had to do (after I birthed all the veggies and meat) was assemble her. Then I snuggled her and looked into her little lettuce and tomato face and thought “I never imagined having a child would be like this” but it was definately love.

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