Conversations with 3 yr olds are repetitive, mostly unproductive but entertaining nonetheless.

As I heaved my un-potty-trained son up onto the changing table for my least favorite of duties, I remarked on his heft. This is what follows:

J: “I’m getting too big, Momma? I’m getting too big for the changeling(his pronunciation, makes me grin) table? My legs don’t fit anymore, Momma?” (questions always come in threes, machine gun style)

Me: “Yup, you are, Siah. Maybe we should start using the potty like Emma.”

Meanwhile visions of him at 18 spilling over the changing table (like when Tom Hanks wakes up after making the wish in Big-sorry the only clip of that scene I could find is in Spanish, sort of spices it up though) start making me crazy with determination.

J: “Ok. I’m getting too big, Momma?”

Me: “Yup, you are, Siah. Don’t you want to wear big kid undies? Wouldn’t that be fun?”

J: “I don’t want to. I want YOU to change me.”

Me: “I don’t want to. I want YOU to use the potty.” (3yr old conversation tactics kick in)

J: “Ok. My legs don’t fit anymore. Can I wear undies right now?”

We have this precise conversation everyday and have for the last couple months. . . he’s still wearing diapers. Today we(meaning he) are going commando. If this doesn’t work perhaps we’ll adopt the weekend boot camp idea.
ps. we’re now on flickr for all those child-photo deprived readers out there.

6 thoughts on “big

  1. the “commando”/naked method was what worked for us w/Evrett. Prior to that there was tons of interest, but no real understanding of the need for control. He was completely capable of the whole process, just not quite comprehending the why portion. A few days of accidents on bare skin did the trick. Hang in there Shawna, kids don’t go to kindergarten in diapers!!

  2. So glad to hear someone else is struggling with their little man and the ‘ole potty. Carson “gets it” AND he can control it…we’re just fighting his little control freak problem. Might have to try the “commando” approach – I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes! 🙂

  3. thanks y’all! you’re most encouraging. I’ll let you know the virdict when we’ve “arrived” so to speak.

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