other places, other things

I have always been that person who, on the day of a test or before something major, checks out or daydreams about after the stress. Its a form of escapism and its rather enjoyable really. I find I’m always more at ease when I’ve detached from the crisis and am floating high in the clouds. Even as a child I would hum while my parents would be addressing some bad behavior of mine. Probably not the best way to handle every situation, but it comes in handy when I think I’ve reached my limit(see virtual cigarettes) and not so handy when Eddy and I are arguing.

All that to say, I stumbled onto a wonderful blog called Journey Mama during a recent escape and what a find! This wife and mother of 3 (with one on the way) recently moved to India with her family. She writes so beautifully you won’t be able to stop thinking about her. . .and her journey is so gracefully displayed, you will be inspired. Read the 100 Things About Rae it will touch your heart and make you laugh.
–painting by René Magritte, “Decalcomania,” 1966–

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