meditative hooping

One of the best parts of living in our city is the eclectic residents. I read somewhere that 80% of those living in our county are considered eccentric. I feel at home with this percentage, maybe because it reflects more of who I am.

Yesterday as I made my way home from the whole foods co-op(a place I can’t get enough of, due primarily to the interesting people you see and meet there, and secondarily to the bulk section in which I must be torn away from or I’d never stop pulling levers and scooping grains) I drove past the most amazing sight. There poised on a hillside front yard a woman clothed in hippie clothes stood in a trance whilst hula hooping and holding a bong. She just stood there as the hoop went round and round her waist, causing her skirt to flow slightly. Her gaze was intent but peaceful. . .and somehow she appeared stress-free, though traffic zoomed loudly below. This was in high contrast to the day I wanted to run from.

As I browsed the web for photos of such a thing I came across this video that isn’t what I witnessed, but made me smile anyway. No inhibitions. Apparently “hooping” is huge, who knew?


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